MVW Releases ‘Goofy’ Feat. Gangsta Boo

The passing and loss of Gangsta Boo (1979-2023) still reverberates through the music community.  Aside from being a truly unique soul, she has a very unique place amongst the legends of Hip-Hop and created and forged equally unique artistic relationships. 

Her career spanned multiple decades, and she had a firsthand role in the modernization of the genre with Three 6 Mafia (whom she began working with at the age of 15).  She was featured on one of Gucci Mane’s first projects; Outkast’s Stankonia, collaborated with Lil Jon in his early days, and even introduced DrummaBoy, bringing him from Memphis to Atlanta.  Gangsta Boo was always tapped in very early with what she invested her talents and spirit into. 

Composer and producer MVW (Michael Vincent Waller) met Gangsta Boo in the fall of 2020, and she became one of the first rappers he collaborated with.  They met at a very interesting time, and the idea of melding contemporary classical music into trap was of import to Boo, and she was especially intrigued by the sound MVW was cultivating and his classical background. 

Gangsta Boo and MVW worked closely together for six months, and their new single, “Goofy,” is from the initial spark of that collaborative relationship.  “Goofy” is a beautiful tribute to a timeless artist; and encapsulates MVW’s sonic vision in modern hip-hop.  “Goofy” is now available at all DSP’s. 

“Gangsta Boo was my first mentor in hip-hop, who unfortunately passed away in 2023” MVW reflects.  “We met in the fall of 2020, and we worked closely together for nearly a year.  Our interactions were always very raw and unfiltered, which is a gold standard of hers.  I would play recordings of classical compositions, and piano improvisations for her and long talks about the history of hip-hop would intertwine.  Our new single, “Goofy,” is a memory capsule dedicated to her iconic spirit.  “Goofy” will also be a part of a forthcoming project centered on female empowerment that will feature her, TiaCorine, Anycia, and more.”

MVW and Gangsta Boo’s new single “Goofy” is now available! 

Yoel Molina Law

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