Pablo Brown Beats Delivers The “Family First” Remix Feat. Jae Hussle​, ​Azariah​,​ M Doc Diego​, Street Da’Villan​,​ Alvarez MasterMinded​,​ Contac, Barbaric & Crotona P

Pablo Brown Beats feat.  Jae Hussle​,​Azariah​,​M Doc Diego​,​Street Da'Villan​,​Alvarez MasterMinded​,​Contac​,​Barbaric and Crotona P - Family First Remix

South African producer Pablo Brown Beats returns with Family First remix. After the original with Bronx emcee Crotona P they enlist Upstate New York emcees Jae Hussle, Azariah, M Doc Diego, Street Da Villan, Alvarez Masterminded, Contac, Barbaric. A massive line up over the marvelous sounds of Pablo Brown production.

As the artist unite in lyrical arms. Endless bars and powerful delivery showcase the talent coming South Africa and Upstate New York. Off upcoming compilation by Pablo Brown Beats. Out now on bandcamp. Artwork by Mosiqu Grfx.

Yoel Molina Law

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