CERTAIN.ONES Unleashes New Single “X’s Infinity” Feat. Bobby Craves, Jimmi Da Grunt & Feral Serge

CERTAIN.ONES Feat. Bobby Craves, Jimmi Da Grunt, Feral Serge - X's Infinity

The Hip-Hop collective CERTAIN.ONES has done it again, releasing a powerful new single titled “X’s Infinity.” Known for their unique blend of talented emcees and producers, CERTAIN.ONES continues to elevate the underground scene with their superhero-like collaborations. “X’s Infinity” features the dynamic trio of Bobby Craves, Jimmi Da Grunt, and Feral Serge, each bringing their distinctive styles to the Wann Sklobi produced track, making it a must-listen for Hip-Hop aficionados.

Kicking off “X’s Infinity,” Bobby Craves delivers an intense opening verse that sets the tone for the entire track. His raw and unfiltered delivery is a powerful defense of the underground scene, reminding listeners why CERTAIN.ONES is a force to be reckoned with. Bobby Craves’ lyrics are a call to arms for Hip-Hop purists, celebrating the authenticity and grit that defines true underground music.

Following Bobby Craves, Jimmi Da Grunt takes the baton with his intricate, world-traveling rhymes. His verse is a lyrical journey, showcasing his global perspective and unparalleled storytelling ability. Jimmi Da Grunt’s delivery is both captivating and paralyzing, drawing listeners into his vivid narratives and leaving them hanging on every word. His performance on “X’s Infinity” reinforces his reputation as a masterful wordsmith within the collective.

Closing out the track, Feral Serge brings a climactic energy with his self-fulfilling prophecy. His potent rhymes resonate with authenticity and power, encapsulating the essence of CERTAIN.ONES. Feral Serge’s delivery is both fierce and prophetic, releasing a wave of emotion and strength that lingers long after the track ends. His contribution to “X’s Infinity” is a testament to his lyrical prowess and the collective’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop.

“X’s Infinity” is more than just a single; it’s a statement. CERTAIN.ONES continues to solidify their position as trailblazers in the underground Hip-Hop scene. Their ability to seamlessly blend diverse styles and voices into a cohesive and compelling track is a testament to their collective talent and vision.

For fans of underground hip-hop, “X’s Infinity” is a must-add to your playlist. The single is available on all major streaming platforms, ready to captivate listeners with its powerful lyrics and impeccable production. CERTAIN.ONES’ latest release is proof that the underground scene is alive and thriving, and they are leading the charge.

Don’t miss out on “X’s Infinity” – stream it now and experience the unparalleled artistry of CERTAIN.ONES. Keep an eye on this collective, as they continue to shape the future of underground Hip-Hop with their innovative sound and relentless passion.

Yoel Molina Law

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