DIE$EL-E Makes His Return In “Firing Squad” Ft. Samssun, Sage.Muzik & 11:23PM

DIE$EL-E feat. Samssun, Sage.Muzik & 11:23PM - Firing Squad

DIE$EL –E of Emile’s Creations returns with a brand-new single/video titled “Firing Squad.” Produced by Dax Hamma, the record features Samssun, Sage.Muzik, and 11:23PM and is taken from the album ‘Christ Minded Collective.’ The verses hit heavy with intense deliveries to ensure their message is heard and felt. They’re here to shake things up so start praying as you have been warned. ”Representing Jesus on the firing squad” echoes in and out of the video. Watch “Firing Squad” and connect below.  

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