Fashawn, Cap Kendricks & DJ Access Unveil A Powerful New Single, “American Pie”

Fashawn, Cap Kendricks & DJ Access - American Pie

Hip-Hop enthusiasts, music critics, and underground Hip-Hop fans, brace yourselves for the impactful new single, “American Pie,” by Fashawn, Cap Kendricks, and DJ Access. This powerful release delves deep into the pervasive hardships and the blues experienced by Black people in America, making it a must-listen for anyone invested in the genre’s evolving narrative.

In “American Pie,” Fashawn confronts the harsh realities of life with a raw and unfiltered lens. The Fresno artist brings attention to the fentanyl crisis plaguing his hometown, a poignant reflection of the larger opioid epidemic sweeping across the United States. With lyrics that cut to the bone, Fashawn paints a grim picture of the environment he’s navigating. The hook, featuring the line “You can take it how you wanna or take it how it come,” offers a dual perspective on dealing with life’s challenges—whether to confront them head-on or accept them as they are.

Fashawn’s verse, “one block away from hell,” encapsulates the dire circumstances many face daily, yet it also speaks to his resilience and determination to secure a piece of the American dream. As the metaphorical “flies” infest the “American Pie,” Fashawn expresses that many of the freedoms in the U.S. are being snatched from us. This underscores the complex nature of the American experience, especially for marginalized communities.

The song’s title, “American Pie,” carries a rich symbolism tied to the nation’s history. To the founders of America, apple pie represented simplicity, comfort, and the idea of prosperity. It was a symbol of the American dream—an idyllic vision of what life could be. Fashawn, however, flips this symbol on its head, highlighting the disparity between the idealized dream and the harsh reality many Americans, particularly Black Americans, face. The pie, now “infested with flies,” serves as a powerful metaphor for the corrupted version of the dream that still offers a semblance of hope amid adversity.

“American Pie” is the second release from Fashawn’s upcoming EP with Cap Kendricks and DJ Access, and it sets the stage for what promises to be a thought-provoking project. The collaboration between these artists brings a unique blend of insightful lyricism and innovative production, making it a standout in the 2024 Hip-Hop landscape.

For Hip-Hop enthusiasts and critics alike, this track is a testament to the genre’s enduring power to address societal issues and provoke critical thought. The intersection of personal struggle and broader social commentary in “American Pie” is a reminder of Hip-Hop’s roots in storytelling and activism.

As we anticipate the full EP, “American Pie” stands out as a compelling narrative on the complexities of the American dream. Fashawn, Cap Kendricks, and DJ Access have crafted a piece that is both a reflection and a critique, pushing listeners to ponder the true state of America while vibing to its undeniable rhythm.

Stay tuned for more releases from Fashawn’s upcoming EP, and immerse yourself in the profound messages embedded in “American Pie.” This track is more than just music; it’s a powerful commentary on contemporary America, wrapped in the rich tradition of Hip-Hop.

Yoel Molina Law

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