Gully TV & PA. Dre Deliver “My Last One” Feat. Planet Asia, RhymeStyleTroop & Sav Killz

Gully TV & PA. Dre feat. Planet Asia, RhymeStyleTroop & Sav Killz - My Last One

GullyTV’s new single “My Last One,” from the highly anticipated Pillmatic2 album, is set to take the Hip-Hop world by storm. Produced by the acclaimed PA. Dre, this track promises to have listeners rocking back-and-forth and nodding their heads to its irresistible beat. The collaboration features lyrical heavyweights Planet Asia, RhymeStyleTroop, and Sav Killz, each bringing their unique flair to the table.

Planet Asia, a legend in the Hip-Hop community, needs no introduction. His verses on “My Last One” demonstrate why he is considered one of the greats, with a flow and lyrical prowess that seem to defy gravity itself. Planet Asia’s contribution is a testament to his enduring influence and skill in the rap game, making it clear that he remains at the top of his craft.

RhymeStyleTroop adds another layer of depth to the track. Known for her resilience and ability to turn setbacks into comebacks, she carries her city on her back with pride. Her verses in “My Last One” are a powerful reminder of her talent and determination. RhymeStyleTroop’s performance is not just a reflection of her personal journey but also an anthem of empowerment for her listeners.

Closing out the track is Sav Killz, whose spiritual bars provide a profound end to this dynamic single. His cautionary message about the importance of discipline and resisting negative influences resonates deeply, offering both inspiration and wisdom. Sav Killz’s lyrical mastery ensures that “My Last One” leaves a lasting impression on its audience.

One of the standout features of “My Last One” is its intoxicating hook. Crafted to perfection, the hook is catchy and memorable, ensuring that listeners will find themselves reciting it over and over. This element of the song not only enhances its replay value but also embeds it in the minds of Hip-Hop fans everywhere.

PA. Dre’s production on “My Last One” is nothing short of exceptional. The beat is both engaging and dynamic, creating a backdrop that perfectly complements the powerful performances of Planet Asia, RhymeStyleTroop, and Sav Killz. PA. Dre’s expertise shines through, making this single a standout track on the Pillmatic2 album.

“My Last One” is a shining example of what happens when top-tier talent comes together. Planet Asia’s legendary status, RhymeStyleTroop’s resilience, and Sav Killz’s spiritual insight, all set against PA. Dre’s masterful production, make this single an instant classic. If greatness is measured by an artist’s latest work, then these three artists are undoubtedly at the pinnacle of their careers.

For fans of Planet Asia, RhymeStyleTroop, and Hip-Hop enthusiasts in general, “My Last One” is a must-listen. It’s a powerful addition to the Pillmatic2 album and a testament to the enduring talent and creativity within the hip-hop community. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary track that’s sure to be a favorite on playlists everywhere.

Yoel Molina Law

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