The Game Says Kesha Should Be Free From Sony After Rape Lawsuit

by Charlotte Hassan

The Game Says Kesha Should Be Free From Sony After Rape Lawsuit
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A federal judge has already made a decision on the matter.  But what does The Game think?

Yesterday (April 18), a TMZ reporter caught The Game off-guard in Hollywood. The reporter proceeded to ask The Game questions regarding the Kesha and Dr. Luke rape case and Sony’s resistance to keep her signed to the label.

When the reporter mentioned Kesha and the issues she’s been having with Sony, The Game abruptly answered with…

”Let her off the label…let her do her thing…I don’t understand music and the slave mentality.”

The Game then went on the say, ”If the artist is not happy…you should let that artist do their thing.”

The reporter goes on to question the rapper about Kesha not sticking to her contractual agreement.

The Game then proclaimed…

”F*** the contract… You know what a contract is… it’s paper that I signed when I was dumb and illiterate to the music business… then you figure it out, you get smart, you get aware and you realized you signed some bulls***”

The reporter then said, ”Taylor Swift loaned her some money and helped her out, is it okay in the hood for a rapper to loan another rapper money?”

The Game replied with ”I aint loaning no sh**, I can’t f*** with it.”

The Game is the latest artist to speak out about the Kesha, Dr. Luke and Sony case.  Most artists are in agreement that Sony should let her go, which is appropriately skewed towards the artist perspective.  Indeed, signed artists often find themselves trapped in tricky situations and dicey accounting problems, though the cherry on top is that they knowingly signed the deal (and accepted the cash and benefits that came with that signature).

If only Richie Finestra could weigh in…

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