Kanye West Makes Yet Another Modification To The Life Of Pablo

by  Charlotte Hassan

Kanye West Makes Yet Another Modification To The Life Of Pablo

Kanye West does it again…the unexpected.

Just when Kanye fans thought they’d had enough of listening to the album, Kanye announced that he was making significant alterations to numerous songs on the album, which he did. Nearly every song on the album has had an update.  So those fans that have already streamed the The Life of Pablo, continued to stream the album, over and over again.

The result was lots and lots of engagement.  The combination of constant alteration, Tidal exclusivity, and sudden, increased availability through Spotify and Apple Music created a steep incline in streams.  And since Billboard now includes streaming figures and individual track downloads into their chart formulas, a digital-only strategy is suddenly translating into a trophy. Indeed, Kanye’s genius strategies for increasing streaming numbers bagged him a number one album fueled mainly by streaming.  And very few actual sales.

Now, yet again, just as talk of the album has died down as a result of the uprise of new albums from Beyonce, Drake, Chance the Rapper and others, Mr West has decided to add an extra song to The Life of Pablo. The song titled Saint Pablo is now the 20th track on the album, and what is thought to be the final modification.

Saint Pablo was released on a DJ set back in February, with high speculation that it might be a song from his new up-coming album, but instead it looks as though West wanted it to be the final track of his TLOP album. Is this the last modification of The Life Of Pablo? Surely it must be.

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