Judge Agrees To Bail Allowing Troy Ave To Walk Out Of Jail

by  Charlotte Hassan

Judge Agrees To Bail Allowing Troy Ave To Walk Out Of Jail

Troy Ave walks out of jail…

The New York rapper, Troy Ave (aka Roland Collins) has now been released on bail, after his mother paid his $500,000 bail fee. This means Collins can walk the streets of New York, providing he sticks to his 11pm curfew, and doesn’t attend any live concerts, music shows or events.

Last month at a T.I. concert, a gunman opened fire at Irving Plaza right before T.I. was due to perform on stage, creating major chaos.  The gunman opened fire in the VIP area, and in the end, Collins retaliated after his bodyguard Ronald McPhatter was shot and killed.  When the smoke settled, there was one fatality and three others injured, including Collins himself who was left with a wound to the leg.

Collins was arrested and last month he attended a Manhattan courtroom in a wheelchair, the first public appearance from the rapper since he was charged with attempted murder on May 31st.  The District Attorney’s Office handed Collins the indictment: one count of second degree attempted murder and four counts of second degree criminal possession of a weapon, to which Collins pleaded not guilty.

Collins attorneys Scott Lemon and John Stella insisted that their client ‘is the real victim’ as he only acted in self-defense .  “We made a bail proposal to the District Attorney and we need to provide them with additional documents,” Lemon stated last month.  “This is a case where [Troy] was a victim…and he should be let out on bail and treated like a victim.”

Well, it looks as if the Judge approved Collins and his attorneys request for bail, but the case is still ongoing and the likelihood of Collins being sentenced or not, is unknown at this stage.

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