Gang Starr Released ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ On This Date In 1989

Gang Starr Released 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' On This Date In 1989

Guru and DJ Preimere made up the new Gang Starr Foundation.

Guru Keithy E, formed the original Gang Starr Foundation with help from legendary deejay/producer Mark 45 King. The collective would go on to release a few 12″ singles. The crew would eventually separate which left Guru to carry on alone. Soon after, a virtually unknown deejay and producer named DJ Premiere, sent Guru a beat tape, which he liked. Guru extended an invitation for DJ Premiere to join the foundation. Along with Guru two would form the new and improved Gang Starr, and in 1989 release their debut album ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’. 

Gang Starr went on to drop five more albums as a duo before their relationship went south in the 2000’s and Guru’s unexpected death in 2010.

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