M.O.P. Released ‘To The Death’ on This Date In 1994

M.O.P. Released 'To The Death' on This Day In 1994

M.O.P. (short for Mash Out Posse) is the Hip Hop duo out of Brownsville, Brooklyn. The group is made of rappers Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame, the duo are known for their aggressive lyrical delivery style. Although they maintain a strong underground following, they are mainly known for the song “Ante Up”, released on their Warriorz album in 2000, and with which they have had mainstream success. The group has frequently collaborated with DJ Premier. Fame sometimes produces under the moniker Fizzy Womack, and has produced a significant number of tracks on all M.O.P. releases since 1996’s Firing Squad, as well as work for other artists including Kool G Rap, Teflon and Wu-Tang Clan.

Lil’ Fame and Billy Danze grew up together in the neighborhood of Brownsville, Brooklyn and formed a crew called Mash Out Posse. Fame always had a gift for making Hip Hop music, with his talent ranging from being an emcee / producer, to silently being skilled on the turntables . His music became his form of therapy when his older brother was gunned down in his neighborhood. To the Death is the debut album from M.O.P. that was released on April 7, 1994 on Select Street Records.

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