Russell Simmons Responds to Rape Accusations Involving a Minor

Russell Simmons Responds to Rape Accusations Involving a Minor
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Hip Hop and media mogul Russell Simmons is battling allegations of sexual assault and rape. The LA Times has come forward to slam the executive.  The allegations also include charges of coordinated sexual assaults involving Brett Ratner.

Russell Simmons is now vehemently retorting to numerous allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, including a rape charge.  The charges include an allegation of rape against a 17 year-old, as first published by the Los Angeles Times on Sunday morning.

Earlier, Variety scoured up a police report from 2001 alleging sexual assault by Simmons and Ratner, publishing the information before Simmons responded.

The LA Times piece cites an accusation by Keri Claussen Khalighi, a struggling model in the early 1990s.

Khalighi alleges that Simmons first tried to rape her while Brett Ratner looked on, suggesting a coordinated action.

The incident allegedly occurred in 1991.  The trio initially dined together at Mr. Chow in New York before going to Simmons’ apartment, according to the account.  Back at the apartment, Simmons — again, allegedly — ‘yanked her clothes off’ while Ratner looked on.

“I looked over at Brett and said ‘help me’ and I’ll never forget the look on his face,” Khalighi told the Times. “In that moment, the realization fell on me that they were in it together.”

The accusation involves a serious attempted rape charge, which Khalighi says she ‘fought wildly’ before agreeing to perform oral sex.  Ratner “just sat there any watched,” according to the accusation.

Khalighi then reports feeling ‘disgusting,’ and raced to take a shower — in Simmons’ apartment.  At that point, the model alleged that Simmons entered the shower, while forcefully fingering the model.  That shifts the accusation into serious rape territory.

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“It hurt so much,” Khalighi stated. Khalighi did not pursue any legal remedies or report the incident to police at the time.

The police report came at 4:45 am on November 3rd of that year, according to the Variety piece.  The report notes that the  Beverly Hills Police Department initiated an investigation into possible sexual battery  involving a 29 year-old, with both Simmons and Brett Ratner cited as suspects.

The Beverly Hills Police Department did not file any charges.  Regardless, a filing was available to the public.

On the rape charge, Simmons stated that the charges are flatly untrue.  “Everything that occurred between Keri and me occurred with her full consent and participation,” Simmons stated.  Simmons also noted that the pair were together for two days and one night, but mainly in public or with other people present.

Separately, Brett Ratner’s attorney said his client has “no recollection” of the incident or any “protest” as described.

Simmons went further with Variety’s story on the police report.  “This is an important and critical time for the empowerment of women and men who have been harassed. I have been a public figure for all of my adult life. And when you are in that arena over decades, you can find yourself in a position where you are vulnerable and susceptible to claims that are untrue.”

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