Spaceman Jones and The Motherships – Announce Upcoming Album ‘Spaceman Jones and The Motherships – Vol. 2’

Spaceman Jones and The Motherships - Announce Upcoming Album 'Spaceman Jones and The Motherships - Vol. 2'

Collaborative Asheville hip-hop duo Spaceman Jones and The Motherships (Spaceman Jones + Cliff B. Worsham of RBTS WIN) release Vol. 2 of their self-titled album series on March 2, 2018.

Asheville, NC based hip-hop duo project Spaceman Jones and The Motherships is proud to announce the release of their debut full length album Spaceman Jones and The Motherships – Vol. 2, March 2, 2018. Coming on the heels of Vol. 1 released as an EP last spring, MC hip-hop artist Davaion Bristol (Spaceman Jones) and producer Cliff B. Worsham (Mother HOOD of RBTS WIN) deliver an 11 track LP that is both darkly foreboding and grounded in hope. The duo celebrate locally with a release show on March 3rd at Ellington Underground, and a sprinkling of regional shows in Atlanta and Johnson City to follow.

Having both come up in the boom bap classic era of hip-hop, in the then-sleepy Southern town of Asheville, NC, the duo effectively pays homage to their musical roots on the second installment of Spaceman Jones and The Motherships, with additional instrumentation provided by RBTS’ Javier Francisco Bolea. Densely layered vinyl samples and analogue warmth of Worsham’s production allow for space and creative phrasing, both of which Bristol weaves into his rhymes steeped in urban wisdom and sharply-edged humor. The record explores the underbelly of human nature and society, addressing the breaking of cycles that ravage generations when left unchecked, but also shines a positive light that hints change is possible. Bristol raps, “Now or later people got to get together / when we do the world is ours” on “Make a Slaughter”, a dark six-eight swagger that relates the familiar tale of cultural descent into materialism and constant pursuit and worship of money, while the instrumental nods to church bells in a hypnotic march. More aggressive beats on tracks like “Monster Mash” lend urgency to Bristol’s driving hustle, “I plan to be up for a long time / you figure any different you done lost your mind / grinding ain’t optional / anything possible / you better live with passion / don’t settle for no less not a fraction.”

The second movement of the record adds a chill-hop / soul-gaze vibe with fat downtempo beats and lush, melodic guitar licks, with Bristol’s vocals wrapping in, around and on the beats in his characteristically playful flow. “You got real goals so don’t ever settle / I got goals to make my soul and the outside the same / I want to show these niggas how you supposed to grow from the game,” he rhymes against airy synth lines on “Wavy In The Night.” Cinematic interludes serve to open, segue and close the album, making it a real sonic journey from beginning to end, with twists and turns carried on gritty beats and intelligent, thought provoking themes.

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