Sunday, September 30th Join The Funeral To Bury The Violence 2018 @DoItAllDu

Sunday, September 30th Join The Funeral To Bury The Violence 2018


PSA from Kim “Earlii_Red”, the Outreach Director/Communications for 211Ci and DoItAllForNewark:

“On behalf of 211Ci, DoItAllForNewark, and Dupre “DoItAll” Kelly, we would like to invite you to “Bury The Violence” anger, fear, and anything you need to heal. At 10am on Sunday, September 30th all Wards in Newark, NJ will join as one at and meet at Lincoln Park. From there at 11am that unification will begin the “Bury The Violence” procession. To take part in this historical event please reach out to me ASAP via text at 201-539-6657 or via email at Let’s all come together and put an end to violence and crimes in our communities…Love you Brick City, let’s continue to #DoItAllForNewark”

Crime and violence in many urban epicenters around the world are killing the dreams, stealing opportunities and plaguing the potential of many of our most talented young souls to our beloved and cherished seniors and anyone in between. Although statistics show an overall decline in crime in 2018 in the City of Newark, New Jersey, reported in July 2018 that crime is still 6% higher than that in 2017. Hence, we are far from a utopian society or any sense thereof. As a community, we must continue to evoke change and revolutionize the narrative to empower and inform those committing crimes as well as those who are being victimized by crime.

Nearly five years ago (October 27, 2013), 211Ci created a life-changing, awe-inspiring, community & celebrity filled event to address the violence in the City of Newark. This event was known around the world as THE FUNERAL TO BURY THE VIOLENCE (FBV) developed by thought leader, community activist and platinum selling music artist, Dupré “DoItAll” Kelly. This hallmark event was a catalyst and birthed a plethora of other events throughout the City over the past five years.

Data has shown that although things have improved slightly; one life hurt or one life lost is one life too many. The city has continued to have a vast array of violence and unnecessary devastation across every ward. The impacts are insurmountable and cross all gender, ethnic, financial, educational and socio-economic lines. It is now time to resurrect and breathe new life into this mission that has never ended. This call to action is strategically designed to bring community members, faith-based leaders, children, families, schools, clubs, organizations, police, firefighters, military, veterans, businesses, non-profits, musicians & entertainers, bangers and all who wish to be involved to the table to help enact change and offer resources to empower and educate our most vulnerable.  THE FUNERAL TO BURY THE VIOLENCE | 2018 will be even more impactful with your help. Together, we can affect change and be there for the people we love most; our families, our friends and our communities.

In honor of National Recovery Month, on September 30, 2018 at 11:00am, we will gather and disseminate as a funeral procession from all five Wards and travel across the City of Newark following a hearse to Lincoln Park where we will begin the funeral service to bury the violence at 1:00pm. We will have a host of vendors, powerful speakers, celebrities, give-a-ways, counselors, information and surprises to share with the community in an effort to make it a better, safer and sustainable place to live, work and raise our families.

We cannot do this without your support. We are seeking vendors, donations and volunteers.  Please join us as we prepare for this life-changing event and let’s do it all for Newark! This press release is presented by  211Ci and Dupre “DoitAll” Kelly

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