Tanya Morgan Releases Classic Debut ‘Brooklynati’ On Collector’s Edition Vinyl With Bonus Tracks

It’s been ten-years since Tanya Morgan gave their fans a proverbial ‘key to the city’ by way of their album Brooklynati and in commemoration of this milestone, HipNOTT Records is pressing the album to vinyl for the first time ever.

May 12, 2019 marked the tenth anniversary of the album’s release which features Phonte, Blu and their fellow Lessondary members. The album has now been remastered and issued on double transparent red vinyl and will be released on 5-24-19. The release is also limited to 300 pieces. The remastered vinyl collector’s edition also includes unreleased material.

Brooklynati represents a lot of things to a lot of people, but for me looking back it just feels defiant” Dowwill commented. “If Tanya Morgan didn’t fit into the landscape based on name alone we decided to run even further to the margins by making up our own city to reside in, it may not have been a real place but we filled every corner of that city with respect for the art and love for each other in a way that made it real to so many people listening that it still holds up to this day. In my humble opinion it’s an album that is as important to that era of music as it is to us.”

I want to thank two people who were (literally) instrumental in helping this album happen. Patrice Worthy challenged me to get better as a beatmaker/producer when she simply told me I could do better lol. She drove me to make stuff like “On Our Way” and just overall the whole new approach I took” Von Pea exclaimed. “Big difference in my Moonlighting beats and this album. George Gomez is responsible for a huge chunk of the songs I sampled. I think I had “So Damn Down” and “We’re Fly” and that’s it …before he sent that USB full of heat.

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