Flavor Flav Says He’s Not Part Of Chuck D’s April Fools Joke

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Flavor Flav has always been one to speak his mind without care of what people may say or think. This includes the members of Public Enemy as well. Anyone that is paying attention to Hip-Hop or anything in pop culture, they are familiar with the Flavor Flav online spat with Chuck D. Chuck D made it public news when he announced that Flavor Flav was no longer a member of Public Enemy.

“I am not part of your hoax,” Flav tweeted.

Chuck D appeared on Talib Kweli’s People’s Party podcast in which he said that his claims that Flav was bounced from the group was not a hoax, per se, but a way to “get your attention.”

Chuck went on to say Flav is a “partner” in Public Enemy, so he can’t be fired and then said they were about to release the “most significant hip-hop record of our time” with their upcoming album.

Flav is not taking this a laughing matter. In his tweet he continued, “@mrchuckd,,, there are more serious things in the world right now than April Fool’s jokes and dropping records,,,the world needs better than this,,,you say we are leaders so act like one.” The tweet encouraged people to help those in need by donating to the MusicCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Last month, Flav sent a cease-and-desist order to the Bernie Sanders campaign after finding out Public Enemy Radio was booked to perform at a March 1 Sanders presidential rally in Los Angeles and that the ads featured his likeness.

Chuck D said at the time that the offshoot group PE Radio would be “moving forward without Flavor Flav,” thanking him for his “35 years of service,” seemingly confirming that the latest lawsuit from Flav was the last straw.

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