Boldy James Announces Debut Griselda Project ‘The Versace Tape’

Though we are only half way thru the calendar year, Boldy James has already released critically acclaimed collaborative projects with Alchemist (The Price Of Tea In China) and  Sterling Toles (Manger On McNichols) and appeared on high profile projects from Westside Gunn (Pray For Paris & Flygod Is An Awesome God 2).

Some artistic unions just seem pre-destined to eventually happen and this is one of those rare moments where the symmetry and fit are undeniable.   Alas, for his second act of the year, Boldy James is taking his talents to the Griselda Records juggernaut and doing so by announcing his debut Griselda project The Versace Tape; which is produced entirely by Jay Versace and executive produced by Westside Gunn.

“It means the world to finally meet some street niggas and emcees who I rock with on a personal and a business level. I’m cool, but I’m not a friendly nigga, so if there is not a mutual respect between me and other artists I keep my distance. I got a violent history with drugs and gun violence in my past life that I left behind, so it’s just good to know I got some real solid niggas in my corner to create and build with behind the scenes life and in my creative work space” Boldy commented on his new partnership and alignment with Griselda.  “You can expect great music, dope visuals, high quality features, priceless art, fashion and merch.”

While the outspoken Jay Versace may have previously been known as a social-media influencer, he has taken the same creativity, energy and style he used to engage his millions of followers on his various platforms into his ascension as a producer.  Earlier this year, when Westside Gunn released his masterpiece Pray For Paris, fans were shocked to discover that it included a production (“Versace”) from Jay.  Alongside hall of fame producers such as DJ Premier, Alchemist and DJ Muggs, Jay Versace didn’t sound the least bit out of place.  With his work on Boldy’s The Versace Tape, he begins to carve out his own space and ushers in his own unique and soulful sound for Boldy to skate over.

“Boldy is the Slick Rick of today, very vivid storytelling for the street guy” Westside Gunn added about his newest signee.  “Imagine the prettiest china plate with coke residue stuck on it; thats Boldy James.”

Boldy James The Versace Tape will be released on 8-14-20 by Griselda Records.

Tracklisting & Credits For Boldy James The Versace Tape:

  1.)  “Pony Down” (Intro)

  2.)  “Maria”

  3.)  “Nu Wave”

  4.)  “Cartier” feat. El Camino

  5.)  “Brick Van Exel”

  6.)  “Long Live Julio”

  7.)  “Monte Cristo”

  8.)  “Cardinal Sin”

  9.)  “Bentayga”

10.)  “Roxycontin” feat. Westside Gunn, Keisha Plum & Tiona Deniece

***All Tracks Produced By Jay Versace/Executive Produced By Westside Gunn

Yoel Molina Law

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