Shawn Archer Releases Cover Art For His “4 Yall” EP

Shawn Archer announces the release date for his new “4 Yall” EP.

Shawn Archer the Philly based rapper, is now set to release a new project for his fans titled “4 Yall.” This is the follow up from his last project “Everybody Won’t Make It” which was well loved by many fans on a national scale.

Now taking things even further with his buzz being much bigger “4 Yall” will release the first week of February. This is set to be one of the hottest projects coming out in Hip-Hop. Expect many visuals and a lot of press in the media from Shawn Archer in regards to the project shortly.

“4 Yall” Tracklist:

  1. 4 Y’all (Prod. by Cedes)
  2. Bonnie & Clyde (Prod. by Kray J)
  3. Solid (Prod. by Sixx Digits)
  4. Who I Am (Featuring Nir Costello) (Prod. by Twano) 
Yoel Molina Law

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