Bay Area Trailblazer Suga-T Calls For Justice For Women In Hip Hop

Bay Area Trailblazer Suga-T Calls For Justice For Women

Entrepreneur, Wellness & Personal Transformation Expert And Bay Area Music Legend, Suga-T Discusses Systematic Racism And The Burying Of The Careers Of Older Women Who Help Pave The Way In Hip Hop On Her Latest Album, “The Rapademic.”

Suga-T produced and released her latest project, “The Rapademic;” celebrating 20 albums and 36 years in Hip Hop October 2021, however the important conversations surrounding the lyrics in her music have barely scratched the surface that expose how women who put investment of time into the building of the Hip Hop culture are pushed out and shelved once they reach a certain age. While a few have had the chance to shine, today’s younger women are pinned against each other or being overtly sexual, bullying and their appearance and content all sound the same. Suga-Thas personally seen the story of female trailblazers in Hip Hop purposely being buried to bring in younger women to take theirplace on the stage of Hip Hop.

According to Suga-T, “The Truth” is that Hip Hop culture began in a way to provide positivity for women, especially for women of color and different ages however a shift began and now the culture has been taken over by the industry. Over the past ten years the culture has morphed into downgrading previous generations, especially women, losing their power for empowerment while slowly replacing the original context so that bullying, bragging and supporting risky lifestyles and behavior became the modern model sought for in the music industry when signing young, new talent.

As a Matriarch, it is important to identify the elements that block generational wealth, health and wellness along with burying legacies makingit harder for women likeSuga-Tand many others in various industries to speak about the message behind their platform which includesexperience through knowledge, skills, intelligence and language. This is whySuga-Thas created platforms like theSprinkle Me LearningAcademyandSprinkle Me Boutique, to help empower others so that they can focus on their health, well-being and personal wealth, whilecreating an avenue that supports theWORK It Well Projectand its initiatives that empower women in vulnerable and underserved populations.

“If nothing is addressed; the history of theFirst Women of Hip Hopwill be buried. We are sitting back and letting this happen. Younger womenare supported to exist and empowered, in a sense, to step on our legacies;indirectly and sometimes directly while men are able to keep theircareers alive even in their mature [older] age and make it a point to keep one another going.” ExplainsSuga-Twho seeks to empower womenin Hip Hop and stop the stigmatization of systematic racism that has leaked into the industry.

With songs onSuga-T’salbum like“Truth,” “Flowers,” “Bay Solid”and“Young Her (Better Way),”Suga-Tis changing the industrywith inspiring music for women and men to listen to. Suga-T says that it is time for the elderly men in Hip Hop to step off their block, stopbeing immatureandhighlight their female peers; the originalQueens in Hip Hopshowcasing their generational wealth, exposing their legaciesand givingolder women theattention they deserve as matriarchs in the industry.

“This is not a game and laying down [or not addressing] this matter is not the right thing to do only because they are going to do the same thingto the younger women as they age.”Suga-Tshares the seriousness in this matter and how it has become a cycle in the industry where HipHop’s original intentions are lost at the gate.

Suga-T hopes that “The Rapademic” encourages those who deserve to hear the journey of women like herself who contributed to Hip Hop culture, paving the way for those who come after her can connect and enjoy the history. It is Suga-T’s mission to speak on “The Rapademic” in Hip Hop Culture as a whole and is currently looking for speaking ventures and interviews so that she can discuss fully this Rapademic. Suga-T also mentors and encourages those who want to learn about this history of Females In Hip Hop.

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