Rapper & Pop singer Cristal Carrington Slated To Drop Highly Anticipated Nicki Minaj Diss Track

Rapper & Pop singer Cristal Carrington Slated To Drop Highly Anticipated Nicki Minaj Diss Track

The genre of rap was founded on the battleground. Lyrical battles amongst rap peers has always been in the fabric of this young, yet leading genre of music in the US. That faction doesn’t stop with the highly anticipated release of a controversial diss record from Cristal Carrington against long-time reigning rap star Nicki Minaj.

“It’s not about beef per se, It’s just rap. I’m just a rapper speaking about what I hear and what I think is a fake perspective within the rap industry. Nicki has had a good run but that doesn’t mean that she was original and we have the receipts of how she stole the image even some raps of Lil Kim. I’m just calling it out, It’s long overdue”.

On Friday, July 16, 2021, pop singer and Long Island rapper Cristal Carrington will drop her anticipated diss track single appropriately titled “Kim’s Son”. The title seems as a reflection of the overused son references used by Nicki Minaj as she addresses other female rappers.

The phrase “son” is often used to reflect an original giving birth to others who are copying them. Carrington abruptly puts an end to the son notion and commands respect as she takes an apparent shot at Minaj with lines like “my standards for rap style is changing” and “she ain’t the queen, she Kim’s son”. The record will be the first rap release for Carrington this year under her new distributor United Masters founded by rap executive mogul Steve Stout. Carrington who has strong pop roots shows off her rap prowess with this release and is setting the scene for an exciting rap summer.

According to outlets like Hollywood Digest, Carrington has been described as “delivering chameleon-like changing grooves and rhythms” and that has been exhibited with her string of pre-releases that will be re-released under her distribution hub later this year.

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