N.O.R.E. Caught In Killa Bee Swarm For Describing a Number of Wu-Tang Clan Affiliates as ‘Flunkies’

N.O.R.E. In Hot Water For Describing a Number of Wu-Tang Clan Affiliates as ‘Flunkies’

N.O.R.E. appears to have landed in swarm of killer bees after his comments about about a member of the Wu-Tang Clan. The Drink Champs host is catching some heat from some Killa Beez after he referred to Shyheim, Sunz of Man, and Killarmy as “flunkies.”

Shyheim, who is Ghostface Killah’s cousin, was quick to respond to the insult, saying in an Instagram video, “Nas get drunk and run they mouth, and don’t know what you talkin’ about. I ain’t ever been nobody’s flunkie or nonexistent. I am the true and living god. I’m in present time, na. Fuck outta here. Flunkie, n***a—I’m Shyheim. And my albums is better than your albums. Fuck outta here. Go against my Killa Beez then.”

He continued by saying Wu-Tang has always been fully united. “N***as always trying to separate the W, like the Clan was the only people that put on for the W’s,” he continued. “Sonz of Man, Killarmy, Shyheim, Royal Fam, Wu Syndicate…we put on too for the W.”

N.O.R.E.’s cohort DJ EFN tried to calm the waters with this comment, “I got mad respect for all the wu affiliates including you which is why I even mentioned your name. I know it came off foul by that word being used but y’all most definitely not flunkys. Much respect and hope to have y’all at the @drinkchamps table.”

Also showing support in Shyheim’s comments were Fatman Scoop (“you were part of STATEN ISLAND BREAKING THRU!!!!!!”) and Pete Rock (“who talkin shit bro?”).

Speaking with HipHopDX, Killarmy member 9th Prince further emphasized the point. “None of Noreaga’s albums can compare to any of the Killarmy albums,” he said. “Challenging any of my Wu-Tang Killa Beez brethren is like sliding down on a razor into a pool of alcohol.”

Sunz of Man also responded to N.O.R.E.’s claims on their Instagram page. “Who you calling a Flunkie?? @mickey.factz @therealnoreaga @whoscrazy,” the caption reads. “Watch your mouth when you say my name Pusssies. #allthesmoke #keepmynameoutYamouth #dickriders #goofies.”

N.O.R.E. has yet to respond to the backlash.

Yoel Molina Law

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