Independent Recording Artist Will Cunningham Turns Multi-Billion Dollar Entrepreneur With New Twenty Billion Dollar Crypto Asset

Will Cunningham Turns Multi-Billion Dollar Entrepreneur

Agua Technology, LLC is an innovative, experienced company re-envisioning how entertainers and retail companies reach consumers with interactive radio ads through a smart car ecosystem. Agua Technology is a Black Owned company founded by hip hop artist Will Cunningham aka iWill. In September of 2021, Agua’s Wahwah cryptocurrency tokens were valuated at twenty-two billion dollars. Just one week after their release, the value of Wahwah tokens have already soared from $2.49 each to $3.62!

For the first time in history, business owners, merchants, recording artists, entertainers and more, will be able to immediately sell products, music, and services directly to consumers behind the wheel. Agua is the only platform that allows radio listeners to purchase the product being advertised right from their in-vehicle infotainment system.

“We are excited to share our technology with advertisers and consumers.” said Will Cunningham Developer of Agua Technology. “We’ve received great feedback already from people during our test run and are confident the growth will continue. There’s plenty of more functionality to come from the Agua team!”

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Radio listeners can purchase, and also be rewarded with, “Wahwah” (WAH) crypto tokens that they can then use to purchase the products or music that they hear through their vehicle’s entertainment system. The benefits of the Wahwah token are mainly to reserve and commercialize advertising space for in-car purchases and interactive radio while also collecting data and analytics. Wahwah was built with the highly programmable nature of Ethereum’s ERC20 token, so the list of benefits will rapidly continue to grow.

By using Agua Technology, Merchants and Recording Artists are able to receive cryptocurrency as payment directly from the car radio, therefore generating increased product sales and streams by streamlining their products to customers in real time. Additionally, Consumers can take full control of their personal data, and be incentivized to do so.


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