The UMC’s: Staten Island’s Forgotten Sons (Documentary Trailer)

The UMC's: Staten Island's Forgotten Sons (Documentary Trailer)

Haas G and Kool Kim of The UMC’s along with Dream Different Media and Boo and Sarah Hartman Evans present the official trailer for “The UMC’s: Staten Island’s Forgotten Sons.”

The UMC’s are the first rap group to emerge out of Staten Island, the first rap group out of Staten Island to appear and perform on Soul Train, and the first rap group out of Staten Island to chart two No.1 hits on Billboard. The documentary trailer shows snippets of how the group came into fruition and includes interview excerpts from Kanye West and who both mention the heavy influence The UMC’s had on their careers and in Hip Hop, even today 30 years later. Let’s not forget watching Martin every week and seeing the iconic ‘Fruits of Nater’ poster-size album cover on the wall…The trailer sets to scene for what’s to follow in the full documentary, so stay tuned.

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