Kendrick Lamar Is Making Racially-Charged Comedy With The South Park Creators

Kendrick Lamar Is Making Racially-Charged Comedy With the South Park Creators

Kendrick Lamar and his media company are producing a racially-charged comedy.

Kendrick Lamar has been quiet for some time from the standpoint of music. Many are anxiously awaiting Kendrick Lamar’s new album, however he has been busy with other things. An announcement was made about a news head-scratcher of a project. Lamar will serve as producer on a new live-action comedy film alongside Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park.

Per Variety, the film will “depict the past and present coming to a head when a young Black man, who is interning as a slave re-enactor at a living history museum, discovers that his white girlfriend’s ancestors once owned his.”

That is a very bizarre topic for a racially-charged comedy. Comedy and racially-charged don’t appear to co-pilots, if you get our drift. However, Hollywood is trending this way. From the sound of things this new project is akin to 2018’s Sorry to Bother You, which used dark, absurdist humor to satirize gentrification and racism in the workplace.

In 2020 Kendrick launched a media company, PGLang which will produce the film. If you are a Kendrick fan you are aware of his situation with Top Dawg Entertainment. Following the release of his next album, Kendrick will have satisfied his contractual obligation with Top Dog Entertainment. Seemingly, his new media company will release his future music, although the company has expressed that it is not a record label. What do think that means as the media company released Baby Keem’s debut album in September of last year.

The topic is one that we have not seen play out before, and it will be interesting to know how people take it. We are living in a very interesting time currently, as racial tensions have been very high. How will the comedy of the film be accepted by Black viewers? This is for any veteran film maker a difficult task but for a new media company it could be the end before it really gets started. Production is slated to start this spring.

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