Masta Ace “Disposable Arts” & “A Long Hot Summer” Available On Cassette

Masta Ace Set To Release 'Disposable Arts' & 'A Long Hot Summe' On Cassette Next Month

Masta Ace set to release ‘Disposable Arts’ and ‘A Long Hot Summer’ on cassette next month.

Cassette versions of Masta Ace‘s “Disposable Arts” and “A Long Hot Summer” albums are now available for pre-order. The cassettes of both these classic albums were never released before and will soon be available as limited edition of 100 copies. Pre-orders are available of both albums separately and also as a bundle. Click the pictures below to place your pre-order.

Masta Ace – GMO

BS012C Masta Ace A Long Hot Summer Mockup Cassette byJelleSmid scaled
BS010C Masta Ace Disposable Arts Mockup Cassette byJelleSmid scaled

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