SHAWTY TV The Fast Growing Instagram Platform in Houston

SHAWTY TV The Fast Growing Instagram Platform in Houston

SHAWTY TV has the fast growing Instagram page out of Houston.

Houston and entertainment are becoming hand-and-hand, and while there are a million things in this world to keep up with, SHAWTY TV will assist you with that. SHAWTY TV is an Instagram platform that delivers you all entertainment news.

It’s a platform created by Joshua McCullough Aka BigBoyPHE from the East-side of Houston, and although they’ll keep you updated with what’s hot and what’s not, their specialty is keeping you hip with the latest music, News, & entertainment. Before Joshua McCullough grew SHAWTY TV to over 31k followers on Instagram, & 67k on Facebook he self-taught himself everything with the camera, from editing and shooting.

He said, “I’ve shot over 500 music videos, weddings, baby showers, club events, n more,” he said. “What motivated me to start was my family was into music and at the time music videos were pretty expensive. I ended up getting a sweet deal

on camera I had no idea how to use I remember exactly what it was it was a canon 60d , I made it my business to learn how to use it to become a help to my family to help pursue their goals and in the process of that to learn a new skill to make some extra $ on the side. In 2013, my first gig paid me $75 just to take a few pictures and I was motivated ever since. I’ve worked with many artists like, Go Yayo, Haroldlujah, RIZZOO RIZZOO, NFL Cartel Bo, Kevin Kong aka Mr. Tryna Bone, Hardbody Dee, Genocide, Mac Young, Jodie Montana, Rap a Lot records, and more.” He added that he has worked with with video directors like , @imcreativejay , @itstru1 , @ttvisuals ,@camgods. McCullough started SHAWTY TV in 2018 and already they have become one of the most popular IG platforms in the Metaverse. People from all over reach out to them to get their music on the platform, for interviews or just to find out what’s going on in the world.

Another thing that motivated McCullough was the passing of his little brother in May of 2021. His biggest supporter was his little brother and he died due to brain cancer. McCullough said that his brother told him “SHAWTY TV” was going to be successful and he encouraged him to keep doing what he was doing. His brothers words led McCullough to being more consistent and as a result, the vision is clear . McCullough added that SHAWTY TV will be big in the name of his brother “long live Jordan.”

SHAWT TV’s main goal is to help brands dominate in the digital universe. SHAWTY TV features breaking news about the latest topics and updates. Visitors can browse Headlines and summaries of relevant news stories, as well as links to the topic. Stories are posted daily, selected from press materials provided by hundreds of sources from around the world.

They also wanted to change lives, motivate others to go harder and do better, also put smiles on people’s faces. For more information on SHAWTYTV, on Instagram or Facebook and YouTube.

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