Dr. Dre Is Selling Catalog For $200 Million To Universal Music and Shamrock Holdings

Dr. Dre Is Selling Catalog for $200 Million

Dr. Dre’s catalog makes tens of millions each year yet he is now selling it.

It’s official, Dr. Dre is transferring to Universal Music Group a piece of his music library and catalog.

Dr. Dre’s assets and music revenue streams have been offered as part of a deal, which Variety has confirmed. The assets, which have an annual revenue of about $10 million USD, will be purchased by UMG and Shamrock Holdings in separate deals. Billboard has reported that the agreement is almost finished even though it has been speculated for weeks.

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The arrangement, according to the journal, includes producer earnings, a song catalog that Dr. Dre does not control publishing, artist revenues from two of his solo albums, and his portion of N.W.A. artist royalties. This might comprise between 75% and 90% of the package revenue, which Shamrock will probably purchase since it also owns some of Taylor Swift’s recordings.

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Most likely, UMG will buy the remaining portion. The master recording of “The Chronic,” which will revert to Dr. Dre from Death Row Entertainment, will most likely be acquired by UMG under the terms of the agreement. Despite confirmation from sources that the deal was for $250 million USD, the actual amount was probably lower but still significantly higher than $200 million USD.

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