Austin Hart a.k.a. L’Orange Announces New Label ‘Old Soul Music’

Austin Hart a.k.a. L'Orange Announces New Label 'Old Soul Music'

Austin Hart announces new label, “Old Soul Music.”

After nearly 15 years of working as Creative Director with indie labels, Austin Hart aka L’Orange has left to create his own company- Old Soul Music. The first two artists announced on their roster: L’Orange and the group Marlowe with Solemn Brigham.

Starting a new label today is an insane idea. It’s near impossible to create something that mirrors the climate of indie labels in their current form. Add into that- business-as-usual model isn’t helping artists like it used to. There have to be new concepts & ideas to help artists navigate a landscape that’s increasingly leaning on technology for growth. Being a working, independent musician is prohibitively complicated and difficult.

Austin Hart a.k.a. L'Orange Announces New Label 'Old Soul Music'

Enter Old Soul Music- A new, artist-forward record label with a modern approach to helping musicians. With partnerships with industry-leading professionals in distribution, sync licensing, monetization, playlist pitching and more, every detail of Old Soul Music is designed to give independent artists an advantage in the new world of music.

“Our primary goal is to help independent artists release their music more effectively than ever before and help artists focus on what is most important- their art.” – Old Soul Music

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