Pigeons & Planes And Big.Ass.Kids Announce ‘See You Next Year 2’

Pigeons & Planes and indie label Big.Ass.Kids are set to release See You Next Year 2 via Warner Music Group’s ADA Worldwide. It’s an eccentric compilation album of hip-hop, alternative, and indie music, featuring Kenny Mason,Paris Texas,Monte Booker and other buzzing artists to watch. It follows See You Next Year 1 which was executive produced by Mike Dean, featuring Teezo Touchdown and Fana Hues who both went on to have breakout years in 2023. The collection of songs were recorded at the iconic Shangri-La Studio owned by renowned producer Rick Rubin. The album is slated to be released on March 29, while the lead single, “Big Bank” by Paris Texas, Kenny Mason, and Billy Lemos has been released alongside the announcement today, January 12.

“Big Bank” is a synth heavy track with punching verses and a short, yet captivating hook that anchors the entire song. Duo Paris Texas take on the opening and closing verses, blending seamlessly sonically. Kenny Mason leads on the hook and middle verse. Kenny can be heard switching between his high energy cadence and melancholy heavy drawl. Billy Lemos handled production and brought his instrument heavy sound to execute the track’s alternative hip-hop vibe. The song is energetic and toes the line between a banger and mid tempo track.

See You Next Year 2 Artist Class:
Kenny Mason
Paris Texas
Monte Booker
King Isis
Billy Lemos
AG Club
Deb Never
Chase Plato
Love Spells
Junior Varsity

See You Next Year is an annual emerging artist discovery platform and multi-tiered campaign created by Pigeons & Planes and Big.Ass.Kids. See You Next Year champions the selected artists through the next phase of their careers by sharing storytelling, live performance moments, exclusive content and editorial support throughout the campaign. Fans will get a behind-the-scenes look at the Shangri-La recording sessions for SYNY 2 through video, editorial, and social content over the next months.

See You Next Year 2 was recorded at the iconic Shangri-La Studio owned by legendary producer Rick Rubin. Located in Malibu, California, Shangri-La has developed the mystical reputation of providing a peaceful utopian environment, void of distractions where artists are naturally inspired to become their best selves by tapping into their interior voices. Numerous artists have since recorded at Shangri-La under Rubin’s ownership, including Adele, Kanye West, Eminem and Ed Sheeran.

The collaborative spirit at Shangri-La permeated through everyone involved, from the artists to the producers and executives leading the project. le’Roy Benros, President of Big.Ass.Kids, expressed, “Making SYNY2 at Shangri-La was purely magical. You can feel the creative energy flowing through the environment. Schedules were thrown out the window, bedrooms and living rooms were turned into studio stations, artists were experimenting and freely popping into each other’s sessions.” This sentiment was echoed by Paris Texas, who emphasized the unique chemistry fostered at Shangri-La, stating, “Man oh man, Louie, Kenny and Felix do it again. Doing chemistry in Shangri-La almost made that bitch blow up!” This in-person chemistry highlighted by Paris Texas distinguishes the project from recent releases. Jacob Moore, Founder of Pigeons and Planes, observed, “For eight days while See You Next Year 2 was made at Shangri-La, this recording camp felt like the entire world. There was a collective energy unlike anything I’ve ever experienced – operating at a different vibration than the online world where we spend so much time creating and consuming. The current era of music comes with a lot of pressure and expectations, but this album was the result of an environment that felt pure and free in ways that are so rare today. I think that’s really important when it comes to creative work, and needed now more than ever.”

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