Bruse Wane Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of The Dark Knight Album

Wane Enterprises is currently celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary Of Bruse Wane’s  “The Dark Knight Album The Day The Earth Stood Still“. The album was recorded over a 3-4 year period with singles being released up until the album was released in its entirety on Bruse Wane’s independent imprint Wane Enterprises The album was well received by Hip-Hop fans and press. It received press coverage from major Hip-Hop media hubs such as HipHopDX,  OkayPlayer, Vlad TV, Forbez DVD and host of other Hip-Hop websites and publications. The PR for the project was mainly worked by James Dunn of Dunn Deal PR.

 The Album and remixes featured Sean PriceKeith Murray & Fam-illy. Production Credits on some of the songs go out to Quest Beats on “Day By Day”  Dollars The Producer on “Beast Inside”producer NorthVilla and a few others. The Album consisted of 13 songs and bolstered a running time of 46 minutes. The entire album was recorded in upstate New York, Rockland County to be precise. Engineering and mixing was done by Big Vegg on the boards, and Mixing and Mastering was done by Kevin Monroe

The artwork featured a prominent picture of  Bruse Wane, with a silhouette of the city under him. In the upper background was a collage of historically significant people that helped shape “Bruse Wane ” eclectic musical style and intellect. BOB MARLEY,  KRS ONE, MARVIN GAYE, MALCOM X, MARTIN LUTHER KING,MUHAMMAD ALI,ALBERT EINSTEIN, THE BEATLES, NAT TURNER, MARCUS GARVEY,  JIMMY HENDRIX, and RICHARD PRYOR.  Music videos were released for the songs “Quote The Raven” “NO“, Home Of The Spitters” & “Welcome”  & “Day By Day” The 10 Year Anniversary remastered edition is now available exclusively here.

Yoel Molina Law

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