Unveiling of The Freaky Tah Memorial in Jamaica Queens: A Celebration of Legacy

Freaky Tah Memorial in Jamaica Queens
Written by. DJ Honky Wonky

In a vibrant ceremony filled with nostalgia, reverence, and a touch of spectacle, Jamaica Queens paid homage to one of its own: Freaky Tah, the charismatic rapper of Lost Boyz. On the 25th anniversary of Freaky Tah Day, friends, family, and fans gathered to unveil a striking mural dedicated to his memory.

Freaky Tah Memorial in Jamaica Queens

Crafted by the legendary graffiti artist Phetus, the mural stands as a testament to Freaky Tah’s enduring influence on the hip-hop scene and his beloved neighborhood. As the sun cast its golden rays upon the gathering, Freaky Tah’s son, Freaky Kah, took center stage, leading both the ceremony and a heartfelt blessing at the memorial service.

Among the attendees were original Lost Boyz members Pretty Lou and Spigg Nice, their presence underscoring the profound impact Freaky Tah had on their lives and careers. Over 100 people joined in the celebration, their shared memories and love for Freaky Tah creating an atmosphere of unity and joy. Other prominent names at the event include rising Queens rapper Kyah Baby,  radio personality Ryan Verneuille, Scientist turned podcaster Dr. Natanya Wachtel,  legendary producer Super Dave and lang island emcee J. Sos.

The event was not just a solemn remembrance but also a celebration of life and creativity. A music video shoot for DJ G Money’s latest track, “For the Streets,” featuring Kyah Baby and Freaky Kah, added a contemporary flair to the proceedings. And in a nod to Freaky Tah’s larger-than-life persona, a man rode a show horse, adding a touch of spectacle to the occasion.

Looking ahead to the future, Lost Boyz manager Josh Menza shared plans for the 30th anniversary of the group’s formation. “The Freaky Tah memorial mural is 25 years of celebrating the life of the greatest hype man next to Flava Flav ever to live in Hip-Hop,” Menza remarked. “Freaky Tah is the greatest hype man. The greatest adlibs.”

With excitement building for the milestone anniversary, Menza outlined a comprehensive 12-month campaign that promises to keep the Lost Boyz legacy alive and thriving. From media coverage to documentaries, new music releases to merchandise lines, the coming year will be a whirlwind of activity for fans old and new. And with partnerships in the works, including a Ewing Athletics sneaker deal and weed branding deals, 2025 is poised to be the year of the Lost Boyz resurgence.

As the sun set on the unveiling ceremony, the mural stood as a beacon of inspiration, reminding all who pass by of the indelible mark Freaky Tah left on Jamaica Queens and the world of Hip-Hop. Though he may no longer walk among us, his spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of those who loved him most.

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