“4:44” PUMA Clydes Made for Jay Z


'4 44' PUMA Clydes Made for Jay Z

Source: Nicekicks

Just a few weeks ago we received the word that PUMA and Jay Z partnered for the 4:44 Tour and when the brand confirmed the sponsorship of the tour, a brief mention to future projects was mentioned.

While there has not been any official word from PUMA or Roc Nation regarding a future footwear collaboration release, samples of the “4:44” PUMA Clydes surfaced today on Twitter by @sneakerboxclyde featuring the “4:44” branding on the heel and barcode towards the back of the side panel. The sample appears to be a customized version of the vegtan Puma Clyde Natural that is currently in stores now.

'4 44' PUMA Clydes Made for Jay Z

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