Gucci Taps SEGA for ‘Bejeweled’ Chunky Trainer

Gucci Taps SEGA for 'Bejeweled' Chunky Trainer

Gucci is known for its unique and flamboyant style, stamping its signature on all of its products. Apart from the high price tag and hype surrounding their collaborative projects, Gucci is not only catering to hypebeasts and those with expensive taste though. Morevover, the upcoming July release of the SEGA x Gucci trainer featuring removable jewels, playing with the SEGA classic Bejeweled is catering to another audience: gamers.

Recent gaming sensation Fortnite has attracted personalities, athletes and celebrities alike. The game has received such high praise and has such an obsessive following that gaming is now part of the discussion for the upcoming Olympic Games. (*Olympic Gaming Team? Has a weird ring to it, we know.*) Typically, video games aren’t intertwined with sports and sneakers at such a high level, but Gucci is trying to meet the needs of an ever-changing fashion scene and boom of millennials.

Not to mention, the latest blockbuster which broke box office records, Avengers: Infinity War has had worldwide attention. To be noted that the infinity stones look awfully similar to the jewels found on these sneakers and it’s not outrageous to assume the collab may also be attracting comic fans out there, too.

These grandma’s jewelry box lookin’ sneakers are said to drop sometime in early July. Retailing at a handsome $1400 this Gucci collab may be the most ludicrous looking, but has the potential to be a game changer just the same.

Source: Nicekicks

Gucci Taps SEGA for 'Bejeweled' Chunky Trainer

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