Demrick & DJ Hoppa – Eyes Red (Video)

Watch the new video from Demrick and DJ Hoppa for “Eyes Red.”

Fresh off of their recently completed Stoney Point tour, Philly born and L.A. residing emcee Demrick and producer DJ Hoppa are back for a smoke break. The duo revisit their well received 2015 LP, Stoney Point, with some crisp visuals for the intro track, “Eyes Red.”

While weed is clearly the influence, these aren’t some typical stoner raps. Demrick puts his high octane lyricism and complex wordplay on full display over DJ Hoppa’s production on “Eyes Red.” While rapping about that green, Demrick looks to dispel the common stereotypes attributed to pot smokers. Says Demrick: ‘Eyes Red’ was written in reference to those who think anyone who is stoned comes with a negative stigma. So often the youth is criticized for smoking, when in reality a lot of us are creative and in fact productive on marijuana. It’s not a drug .”

Follow Demrick & DJ Hoppa to the middle of nowhere while they put you onto the life they live in their new video for “Eyes Red.”

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