Filthy Rich ft. Paris Beuller – All I Want Video

Filthy Rich is back with the visual for “All I Want Video.”

Southside Chicago rapper Filthy Rich presents the We Video Visions-directed music video for “All I Want,” the new Paris Beuller-produced single fromReservoir Dog, Rich’s forthcoming album also featuring production from Hearontrackz, C-Sick, Ill Brown and Snapbackondatrack. The visual also stars Basik Da Kidd. Reservoir Dogs will be Filthy’s first album since he overcame end stage renal failure, which he was diagnosed with just before he released his 2013 album White Devil.

2015 saw the release of the music video for “Easter Sunday.“ Other releases include, The G.W.O.P. Chronicles, Trappy Holidays and Tricks Or Beats. “I was in the lab with Beuller goin over beats,” Rich says. “This beat came on, we started vibing and he just started freestyling the hook. I told him I wouldn’t take the beat without it. I copped it and put my verses to it, and the rest was history.”

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Yoel Molina Law

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