Taiyamo Denku ft. Cella Dwellas – Munstaz (Video)

Taiyamo Denku drops off his latest video in “Munstaz.”

CyphaDenMusic sneaks in a new video presentation for “Munstaz” as found on the 2015 album, “RadiOctave”. Featuring the mic murderer Taiyamo Denku and veteran rhyme duo Cella Dwellas, the troublesome trio unleash brash bars on limber lyricists over a cinematic horror sound bed provided by the producer from down under, D-Cypha.

The video tells the tale of a bullied young man who stumbles across a special chest. Inside, a copy of “RadiOctave” is found. Immediately upon listening to it, he begins turning into a unsta. Shoot on location in Greece and directed byTwentyTwo, we present to you “Munstaz” featuring Taiyamo Denku and Cella Dwellas.

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”87562″]

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