Heron Gibran – How I Paint It (Video)

Heron Gibran makes his debut on SpitFireHipHop with his new “How I Paint It” video.

Introducing Heron Gibran is to introduce you to a world of creative impulse. He is a painter, filmmaker, writer, and MC. These facets of such a care-free whole are never more apparent than in the visual for his song “How I Paint It”, filmed in Amsterdam by Hot 97’s Langston Sessoms of Chop-n-Shoot Films. Heron said, “[This song] is about searching for inspiration and choosing a path…do you take the traditional path or do you follow your own?”

Filmed in Amsterdam’s Rijiks Museum and the De Slang Gallery of Street Art (just before its demolition), the vivid and emotional piece, a song produced by 88 Black, is featured on “Starry Night”, an album inspired by Heron’s multiple visits to the country. He’s learned a lot through those travels, and felt a need to fully express those lessons. “The end result is to see that art is all around you,” Gibran explained. “It’s all in how you paint it.”

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Yoel Molina Law

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