Slaine – Pusher

Slaine Confronts Personal Demons & Details His Battles With Addiction.

Today, Slaine unveiled the first video, “Pusher,” from his forthcoming Slaine Is Dead EP with “For years I’d try to get sober and couldn’t” Slaine confessed to Ambrosiaforheads. “Often times I would break down in the studio and relapse because I couldn’t write anything. The second I had a drink, or a drug I was writing verses in 20-minutes. The lyrics would come to me faster than I could write them. I would go on benders in the studio and record material the whole time. This time I was so desperate to get off the drugs and alcohol that I had to be willing to give up music. The two were so closely tied together that I couldn’t do one without the other. Deep down I had doubts that I’d ever be able to do this again. You think getting sober means everything gets easier, but ironically some of the skills applied while intoxicated require re-learning and re-mastering.”

Slaine went on to add “apparently, two years is a long hiatus between albums in the Internet era. I had people coming up to me on the streets asking me if I still rap. I think the assumption was that I had just moved on to acting. I still do both, but the truth is with the music I had to start from scratch again. It was like someone who had been in an accident learning how to tie their sneakers again and walk and finally get integrated back into society. I just kept chipping away a day at a time trying to make a little progress every day. When I looked up I had four projects pretty close to being done.”

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