VS – Murder She Wrote

VS is back with this new video for “Murder She Wrote”.

VS shares my newest visual release entitled “Murder She Wrote” off his latest mixtape project “R.O.M. Vol. 1.5 – Before The Honeymoon”. Once again he collaborated with director Phil Gates and the Highpower Studios team. They helped in developing the concept to visually capture this emotional tale of addiction. In most cases, an

VSTHEREAL – Before The Honey Moon R.O.M Vol 1.5

addiction seduces you with its sweet temptations & leaves you with a bitter taste when indulged in the wrong way. This sums up his bittersweet feelings for rap and Hip-Hop at the moment. “If you fall in love with the vain parts of the game, it can turn you out & cause you to lose focus on what really matters. There is no love in the music business and you have to learn to keep those addictions at bay.”

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Yoel Molina Law

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