Diz Reno James – Dirty Vans

Diz Reno James debuts on SpitFireHipHop with the “Dirty Vans” video.

Diz Reno James is a new Jacksonville rapper whose body of work is largely informed by contemporary political upheaval including the violence that ignited the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, he delivers “Dirty Vans,” a video capturing an intoxicating sense of camaraderie at a party in a warehouse, thoughtfully using the current social climate to contextualize their night in designer jeans and dirty vans, shot and directed by FilmRat.

“They shootin’ to kill — me, I’m just trying to get filthy and chill,” says one lyric, the track in its entirety similarly containing the sharp lyrical prowess that the artist has come to be known for. “Dirty Vans” is a chill track with a casual 3AM aesthetic, but the verses never stop flowing from the accomplished rapper and writer, Diz Reno James.

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