Kyle Bent – Complex Simplicity Short Film

Kyle Bent releases his “Complex Simplicity” short film trailer.

Massachusetts-based rap artist Kyle Bent announces the premiere of his short film, “Complex Simplicity“. The feature was directed by Matt Arnold, and serves as a vehicle to reinforce the message behind his upcoming album. “It takes a lot less energy to pull the plug and stop fighting, than it does to build an entire life out of nothing but your own thoughts,” – Bent says to his audience. In this short film, Bent speaks directly to his audience, creating a raw and intimate atmosphere. His music, coupled with his captivating visuals and conscious lyricism, is making waves in the dynamic world of Hip-Hop.

Bent began creating music around the age of nine, after a friend introduced him to the art of freestyling. When he was thirteen he was given an opportunity to record in a real studio courtesy of executive engineer Tarik McFarland. McFarland then became the official engineer for Bent during his entire high school career, as his music career began to take shape. He dropped his first mixtape at the age of fourteen, another one before he turned fifteen, and a third at the age of sixteen. To date, Bent has released a total of six projects with a seventh on the way. Between each of one of these projects, he’s released multiple music videos that have between 30,000 to 500,000 views respectively. He’s proven to be “one of the more popular and harder working indie artists in the game,” according to Hip-Hop Vibe.
Bent has provided a precedent for his upcoming album, “Complex Simplicity,” with a powerful piece that observes seemingly smaller nuances in life. His vision for his short film is in tune with the beat of his ascension to success.

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