Supa Wave Osbourne ft. Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox) – Iron Fists

Supa Wave Osbourne is back with his “Iron Fists” visual.

Brooklyn, New York emcee Supa Wave Osbourne presents the Alex Mercado-directed music video for “Iron Fists“, his Tone X-produced new single featuring Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Double AB, Mo Iz Real and An Hobbes. Osbourne is prepping for the release of The Mandela Effect, his forthcoming album dropping in 2017. Representing Brooklyn’s Bushwick and Flatbush sections, Supa Wave has collaborated with Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox and Copywrite, and has shared the stage with the likes of MF DOOM, Sean Price and Machine Gun Kelly. Osbourne recently released visuals for his single “Left Shoes“.

Osbourne says “Iron Fists” came together “one special night after heavy sessions of building on general knowledge and ancient wisdom. The 5 MCs here each functioning as individuals and as parts of a whole – like fingers, and like fingers they form to make a hold that is strong. in this case, iron strong. They form the iron fist to knock out all haters and opposition to the strong flows. Vast Aire is the thumb/the grip, Double A.B. the index/the pointer, SupaWave Osbourne the middle finger/F.U., Mo Iz Real – The Ring/Kiss the Ring, An Hobbes- The Pinky/The brain.”

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