KXNG Crooked – Next

KXNG Crooked warns young artists in his new video for “Next”.

After the most controversial Presidential election in this country’s history, one that has not only created further divisiveness amongst the people residing in it, but one that now includes handful of cities across our nation protesting in the streets  it has become evident we are living in a complicated and dangerous time. The societal divide widens so deeply with every passing day that it seems as if at any moment the pendulum could shift.  KXNG Crooked’s Good Vs Evil could not appear at a more needed time.

Crooked doesn’t give a warning shot with Good Vs Evil, he directly tackles the boiler-plate issues that are permeating society as a super-hero persona from an alternate reality; racial and economic injustices, unprovoked police brutality (and the glaring lack of accountability), a deteriorating educational system, governmental agencies that willingly pump poison into its communities, systematic racism and a basic disregard for civil rights.

After premiering the Eminem assisted “Welcome To Planet X” with Billboard last week and on the eve of the release of Good Vs Evil, Crooked delivers a visual for “Next,” which was featured on his companion piece FreEP Valley Of The KXNGS.  It’s a letter to whoever’s “Next,” call it maturation music.

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