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J French makes his second appearance on SpitFireHipHop with his ‘Check’ video.

Check,’the latest video from J French’s Jaguar Jesus, pays tribute to the beauty and character of downtown Oklahoma City. Directed by French and shot by Valid Vision, the cinematic clip captures the full progression and vitality of the city on a track that feels as classic as it does modern.

“This is a city of tall buildings, a winning NBA team and a spirit that can never be taken down,” said French, who shot the video over a series of late afternoons in the Midtown and Plaza districts and near the corner of Main Street and Robinson Avenue. “That’s what I wanted to show in this video. All of that is a part of what makes me strong. My hometown is on the rise, and so am I.”

With its looping saxophone riff and bright bounce that evoke golden age hip-hop, ‘Check’ builds on the steady progression of singles from Jaguar Jesus, including “Ultra Bass,” “X-Ray Vision,” “Reign Fly” and the leadoff powerhouse, “Dallas.” “Dallas” continues to expand its reach into Europe and Asia and is currently making inroads on 32 regional video platforms, including the Bay Area-based California Music Channel, where it’s currently rising on the network’s “Beat Lounge.”

French said that since the December 9 release of Jaguar Jesus, all the movement is in the right trajectory. “I mean, 2017 has been completely dope,” he said. “Just last month, I got to discuss career strategy with Bun B of UGK, and after he heard my tracks, he was like, ‘Your time is coming.’ I will take that as gospel – it’s all falling into place.”

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