Kam – Responds To Ice Cube’s Appearance on Bill Maher Show

KAM responds to Ice Cube’s appearance on the Bill Maher Show.

Ice Cube has been one who has used the ‘N-word’ and made it fashionable. This word again is being debated by many people with what Bill Maher said on his show. Somehow Ice Cube felt it necessary for him to go on the Bill Maher show and speak for all Black people.

While Maher issued an apology, Cube appeared on his show to set the record straight which some people found very strange. During the conversation Ice Cube accepted the apology from Maher.  One who found this hypocritical is Kam. Kam and Ice Cube have had differences in the past which may or not have much to do with this response.

Kam says that Ice Cube made a living from being a member of  a group called ‘N***** With Attitudes’. Watch the video below.

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