Lando Chill – Break Them Shackles

Lando Chill releases new ‘Break Them Shackles’ video.

Lando Chill finds himself bound, lost in the desert, and struggling, emaciated and looking for salvation. Inspired by Paolo Coelho’s “The Alchemist,” director Malcolm Critcher worked with Lando Chill to interpret the work and it’s connection to the music. The creative collaboration and synergy between musician and director is something unique. Having teamed up before for videos on “Coroner” and “Save Me,” the duo have proven time and time again that their best works come in tandem. 

“This is is what I’ve learned and what I want you to take from The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind: love is what transforms us in to something better.”  - Lando Chill

From the new album The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind, “Break Them Shackles” is a standout track. Lando Chill is showing his soul on the single, sharing his core philosophies on his arms and wrists. The passion and soul that Lando brings to his music can’t be imitated and we’re pleased to be able to bring you an artist bearing his authentic self.

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Yoel Molina Law

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