Mauie The King Jr. – Dear Summer

Mauie The King Jr. releases his first video on Priority Records titled ‘Dear Summer’.

Mauie The King Jr. represent s a growing culture of independent “do it yourself” (DIY) hip-hop artists from  Atlanta, GA. His blend of funkadelic inspirations and fashiondriven imagery, embodies an emerging undefined sound in Atlanta.

Mauie the King Jr. is set to release his debut LP in 2017 titled MOOD. MOOD encapsulates the Internet-era in song and geography – Moving (in) Only One Direction. This reflects the inevitable progress of internet communication through its inhabitants. Mauie uses his songwriting as a vehicle to inspire his listeners to communicate, it’s left up to you to accept his invitation.

The first single off of MOOD is titled ‘Dear Summer‘ an open letter towards the season where the streets heat up and recklessness runs rampant. To fully depict this song, Mauie and his team at Priority Records called upon director Sean Kelly to fully dive into the storyline. “Dear Summer” starts off with an old news clip of a violent home invasion. The creativity starts flowing when that clip then transitions into Mauie and his associates celebrating a recent score from a
heist at a luxury, downtown loft.

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Yoel Molina Law

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