Odali – Yemenites

Odali returns with his new visual for his ‘Yemenites’ single.

Queens, NYC MC Odali releases the new visual for this single ‘Yemenites‘. He gives everyone a taste of what is to come with the LGHTHD produced ‘Play At The Park’ EP. Odali is defiant in pushing forward his brand of New York hip-hop as he takes the viewer through a vivid escapade of his city. Inspired by the likes of bodega establishments scattered throughout New York City (largely run by Yemeni immigrants), he aims to give the listener a feeling of where he comes from.

Drenched in braggadocio rap, Odali sets it off by claiming his “intel [will] spread the viruses”. The likes of overhead subway trains, steel and cement structures, to pigeons eating off the floor all capture the New York-esque imagery in this video. These patterns are part of growing up in the city that never sleeps, and Odali promises you will “love the sound of it”.

The upcoming Play At The Park EP focuses on the millennial generation, and their dealings with the world while in their youth. Being the last generation to generally be outside, Odali gives a unique perspective on life. Everything from sports, drugs, entertainment, love, depression, & anxiety is covered. After all, not many kids Play At The Park anymore.

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