R.P. Jesus ft. GFBF – Pillz

R.P. Jesus debuts on SpitFireHipHop with ‘Pillz’.

Since announcing the formation of supergroup GFBF real-life couple Tom MacDonald and Nova Rockafeller have been quietly crafting the bands first album-release. We’re now getting our first glimpse at the duo in the form of a guest spot on the R.P. Jesus produced banger, ‘Pillz‘.

Tom and Nova are no strangers to the depths of crippling depression/anxiety and have channeled their experiences into an intensely anthemic and undeniably authentic hit.

Armed with a R.P Jesus produced beat (and a pocket full of Ativan), GFBF invades a South Central gas station for a performance reminiscent of something more punk-rock than hip-hop. Think 90’s Blink 182 meets 2017’s Travis Scott and you’ll have a good idea of where the vibes live.

Little is know about R.P. Jesus other than that he/she is an LA-based producer who’s been making plenty noise with many of California’s up-and-comers. This is R.P. Jesus’s first official release and if what follows is anything like “Pillz”, we’re sure he has an exciting career ahead.

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