Young Truth – Good Day In NYC

Young Truth world premieres his new video for ‘Good Day in NYC’ on SpitFireHipHop.

Big Apple and ‘City of Dreams’ is often attached when referencing New York City. It’s a land of opportunity and most acts go to the city to catch their big break. However, like most places; NYC suffer from a lot of crime in many neighborhoods. The New York rapper Young Truth acknowledge hardships but touch on the good times growing up in the Big Apple wishing the poverty areas was as attractive as the streets of Times Square. The MC express his views in the song with the line “What if every block was like Times SQ/ Bright lights complimenting the atmosphere.” You can spot certain historic landmarks as well as the legendary Yankee Stadium. Watch ‘Good Day In NYC‘ below.

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”109371″]

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